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Windows Live Messenger Extension

Enhance your user experience by downloading this free extension that comes with a lot of perks. Windows Live Messenger Extension is an add on for windows messenger and Skype. The extension allows users to have more functionalities on their instant messaging applications. This idea was led by Cyril Paciullo. He developed the extension with no expectation that his creation would later become big. Programming during his spare time is his favourite hobby. Little did he know that out of this hobby, he would create the next game-changer of messaging.


  • Can run multiple Live Messenger at once.
  • Allows users to save videos from webcam capture and chats to their computer.
  • Flawless contact event logging
  • Download unique animated emoticons from the web
  • Integrate contacts from other apps like Facebook
  • Add plugins
  • Customize express buttons and tools
  • Desktop alert
msg plus live

Enhance The Way You Communicate

In a fast-paced modern lifestyle we have, we all need a communication tool that lets us communicate with our preferences in mind. Windows Live Messenger Extension enables the user to tweak the program to their heart’s content. With its competitive features and uses, Windows Live Messenger will change the way you chat, make calls, and do live videos without having to download other programs. The best part of this, it is free. No wonder why people who do tech blog rave about this powerful app.

Download it today while it is free. It is going to change how you communicate and see online communication as a whole. Technology makes our lives easier and more convenient. So, for people who are still looking for apps to use for communication, no doubt that Windows Live Messenger is a great tool to use long term.

Easy Download

For all people who use Windows, downloading Windows Live Messenger is a bliss. It has easy download and install features that help the user get the latest version and updates without helplessly searching online. Flawless programming allows even non-techy individuals to use the app with ease.

Full Functionality at Your Fingertips

Whether you need it for chat, doing video calls, and or audio calls Windows Live Messenger is the only communication tool you will ever need. With a simple click of a button, you can connect to your friends and loved ones online.

Unlimited Possibilities

The future and aftermath of Windows Live Messenger are still unknown as there are countless of possibilities it may cover. It can be used for personal use or business purposes. Tons of perks await for the users. Download it for free or bundle it with other Window apps.


It has never been easier to communicate and be connected.